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What tone are you??

Toners.... this is the part that gets confusing.. choosing the wrong toner can make you feel Darker, Wash you out or just look silly! 

1. Ice queen-

PEARL with just the right amount of ASH is created to make this stunning colour. It's bright and bold. High maintenance 

2. Sandy -

Subtle yet amazing. This tone is very soft and can appear deeper than some blondes, It appears multidimensional.  Low maintenance 

3. Grey/ ash -

When choosing this you'll naturally

Feel a lot darker as grey doesn't reflect light. this is a High fade colour with high maintenance. 

4. Cream -

The brightest of all blondes. Attracts light so will always appear lighter.  Low maintenance blonde. 

5. Pearl -

Bright blonde with a shiny hue is what explains  this colour perfectly, this is defiantly our clientele favorite as it appears bright & shiny. Great for those clients who like creamy but want a change!  Medium maintenance.

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