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 A lot of the time during consultation, we're noticing a lot of confusion when the question is asked 'how high do you want to take your blonde' and what is the name of this technique?

So what is the difference between a

Root shadow, Root stretch, Ombre, Blonde to the root & Baby Lights?
*Please keep in mind that every hair dressers hair description may be different to ours*

A ‘Root Shadow’.
Very Subtle, minimal regrowth BUT still perfectly blended natural colour into your desired blonde. A perfect choice for someone who loves to be super blonde but hates the maintenance of blonde to the root.  Your natural colour cannot be darker than a level 5 brown (dark brown) in order for it to be seamless.
Maintenance: 1x 6 weekly toner to 1x full colour service. (12 weekly colour service)



A 'Root Stretch'.

One thing you'll notice about a root stretch is that the brunette is a lot lower down (about your eye brow length or slightly less), than a root shadow giving a more regrowth look.

However is still beautifully blended into the blonde. This technique is suitable for someone with darker roots, but can also be done on someone with a lighter natural. if you tie your hair back majority of your roots would be darker, and your pony would be lighter. 

This colour is lower maintenance! 

Maintenance: 2x 6 weekly toner appointments to 1x full colour appointment. (18 weekly colour service) 

A 'Ombre' 

the term ombre is a french word meaning " colour that is shaded or graduated tone" 

this is defiantly a more noticeable colour difference from your darker roots to your lighter ends, its a lot lower down (near ears or lower) and is a lot more common in more subtle colours such as blonde/darker blondes.

maintenance: This colour can be re-done 3 times the year or less, however coming in for regular 8 weekly toning appointments are a must to maintain your colour from going brassy.

Blonde to the root

this is a full head of foils where  the colour is to the root. meaning absolutely no regrowth this is one of the more higher maintenance colour, and takes the longest to apply too! 

maintenance: It is recommended that you come back in for your blonde to the root touch ups no longer than 8 weekly, the longer you leave it the harder it is to maintain the absolute lightest look. this colour is not recommended for those who are not regular on their appointments. 

What are Baby Lights? 

a term used to explain baby fine foils placed around the hairline to maintain a naturally lighter look, great for our clients who are guilty of regularly wearing their hair up and wanting to feel lighter at the same time. 

In salon all our blends are created using your natural hair and we will never use a tint to create this when everyone natural hair is already so beautiful you might as well utilise it

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root stretch
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blonde to the root
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