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Underlining pigment what does this mean?

The darker your natural colour the more warmth your hair throws which means:

It will take more sessions than someone with a natural lighter base colour.

If your natural hair colour is dark brown your more likely to throw more 🧡❤️which will need to be neutralised with 💙💚  which also means achieving a colour with absolutely no ash tones will be hard unless you want to be brassy.🤦‍♀️

If your natural hair colour is a more light brown- Mousey colour your more likely to go ❄️ quickly because we don’t need to neutralise and remove the warmth🍾

Unfortunately this something we can’t avoid -underlining pigments are hard to neutralise especially when you have a colour in your head that you want but unfortunately to achieve desired colours we may need to neutralise with more ash to keep you from feeling to brassy. However It can be achieved but will take more sessions as your hair only lets us lift to a certain level 

To achieve pearl tones first you must be a clean yellow 💛+💜=❄️ pearl To achieve ash blonde  your lightened foils  need to be at least yellow/dark yellow if your foils lift to red/orange you will need to a darker ash blonde to neutralise and not walk out like 🔥

Hope this was helpful , my goal as a colourist is to educate my clients so they can understand why we do certain things to different clients. Always remember your hair is completely different to a photo you may see - there are so many key factors to why you are not getting the result you want but please know there is a reason behind it ❤️✨

written by Maxi


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