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Supermarket vs Salon


If you are using supermarket or chemist shampoos (even the slightly more expensive brands) they still contain nasty chemicals.  These can actually alter the hair colour you have chosen, and will certainly reduce the length of time your colour will last.


Most people are unaware of the difference between salon and supermarket brands and will often opt for the cheaper alternative.  These can leave your hair feeling stripped and thin – we can liken this to having washed your hair with dishwashing liquid – doesn’t sound nice does it.  Perhaps the only upside these cheaper shampoos have is their fragrance!  Don’t be fooled by the fancy ad-campaigns on television or in magazines, including those for leave in products.


We recommend ELEVEN or GOLDWELL Dual Senses range

Both brands are available in our salon for $24.95


What are the “nasties” that are found in shampoos and conditioners purchased in supermarkets and pharmacies?


  • Harmful detergents that can cause serious hair heat-reactions and breakage.

  • Sulphates, fillers and less vitamins, oils and minerals designed to keep your hair healthy.

  • Super-high conditioning agents, which are aimed to compensate for the high detergent base of shampoos.

  • Silicone, which fills the hair cuticle, creating a barrier which will affect the colouring process and the result you wish to achieve.  It can in fact, alter your new colour with a yellow tone, especially with blonde hair.

  • Reduced concentration levels, meaning you have to use far more than salon-only products, which are highly concentrated.


Please be honest when we ask about your home care, I promise we won’t bite!  Using these chemical-based products at home can cause a reaction, which in turn can cause serious hair breakage, or may increase the time needed to reach your desired hair colour.  It can take six weeks to detox your hair once you commence using salon-quality products.   You will start to see an improvement in your hair sooner of course.  If you have been using low-quality products, your hair may not lift to the desired colour in one session and may in fact require a few sessions to achieve.  We cannot know this absolutely until the first colour service is complete.  Our main aim is the care of all our clients’ hair, but we can only work with the information you have provided to us on the day of service.


Home Dye Kits


If you are tempted to use these products, you should be aware that they contain silicone, which is very difficult to remove and in some cases, may never leave the hair follicle.  Home dyes and lightening kits can be a dangerous mix, so if you insist of using these, it is recommended that you take all the precautions and more, shown on the packaging.  A chemical reaction can occur when the bleach powder reacts with the chemicals in these home-based products leading to drying and hair breakage.

What is a chemical reaction?

Unfortunately, this can very rarely occur in a salon.  In the event of this happening we urge you to call us, so that we can discuss with you what was used in your colour session and the products you are using at home.  It would be difficult for another hairdresser to evaluate your hair, as they will not know what was discussed at the consultation (ie, products used at home) and the exact products we have used in your colour session.

We highly recommend Blondpro, which is an additive we use in our colour service to help maintain delicate hair and prevent breakage.


For the health of your hair and to ensure your colour goals are achieved, professional, salon-quality products are a must.


For more information, or to book an appointment call Michelle on 9781 4448

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