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The reality of going blonde

This is the reality of going blonde if your hair is currently dark.

PLEASE Do not sit in your stylists chair with dark hair expecting to leave a perfect platinum, ashy, silver OR natural blonde color. It takes multiple sessions +a lot of time, patience and money to achieve. 

Which Also includes AWKWARD PHASES!! Especially if you want to fully lighten out the majority of your hair and you’ve been colouring it dark for a long time, wether it be you doing it yourself with proper hair colour or visiting a salon.

If you’ve had previous color put on your hair expect banding it’s going to happen. Even if your hair color has “faded” out of your hair it is still there! 

The only way hair color fully leaves the hair is if it’s cut off or if it’s lightened out. 

Previously colored hair, especially dark colors do not lift to a pretty blonde in one session. EVER.

Embrace the warmth. Because there is absolutely no way of going through the process without seeing warmth. 

It it’s not easy going from dark to blonde it takes time. It’s a process. This is what the hair looked like after one lightening process. That band of brass in the center of her head is from the previous TINT that was applied on her hair at a SALON. Now with banding there’s not much you can do Except tone it down which is like putting a bandaid on, it’ll come off remember that it is a temporary cover up which allows us to have round two in 6-8 weeks.

**Photo below not our work**

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