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Purple Shampoo

Let’s talk about which purple shampoo we recommend and why!

In our salon we sell two different purple shampoos,

Now what you need to understand is this product is NOT A TONER!!! 

It is a purple pigmented shampoo which helps remove yellow ( because purple is opposite yellow on the colour chart 💛’s counteracting colour is 💜) 

Our first choice purple shampoo is @elevenaustralia “keep my colour purple shampoo”

and “keep my colour treatment” 

These products contain Hydrolyzed Soy Protein Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein which helps to strengthen your hair & Panthenol which helps retain moisture✨

The keep my colour treatment contains macadamia nut oil which moisturises and conditions the hair. 

This product works best together giving the cleanest result without causing dryness, which causes breakage. The eleven Range is made I. Australia for Australians to combat our climate!

This beautiful product doesn’t leave your hair looking purple, or over-toned. What I personally love about it is the beautiful shine, and silk feeling it leaves on me and my client's hair & doesn’t dull your colour! 

Our second product well sell is “fanola no yellow”

This product is drying, as it has very intense ingredients such as slight lightening additive which as you guys know, lightening your hair too often causes breakage!! So this product is recommended to use once a month only! (because of the lightener in this product it can cause your natural to become orange/brassy)

However, This product is so strong it can cause over toning and ashy/grey results which some of you absolutely love! But like I said overuse is bad. And this can cause your blonde to feel dull and dark.


The correct hair care is the most important part in looking after your blonde hair. 


Always remember purple shampoo is not a toner, they can be drying (depending on the brand) 

Less is more

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