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our 6 winter fav products

that you must have!

miracle hair treatment:

Suited to all hair types, this lightweight leave-in treatment delivers ELEVEN benefits your hair will LOVE.

This unique all-in-one MIRACLE HAIR TREATMENT works to:
1. Add shine, smoothness and softness
2. Control frizz and flyaways
3. Moisturise
4. Strengthen fragile hair
5. Prevent split ends
6. Detangle and create manageability
7. Protect against heat styling
8. Enhance natural body
9. Repair dry damaged hair
10 Protect hair colour with UVA and UVB filters
11. Prevent chlorine and sun damage
Suited to all hair types, simply pump and apply to damp hair.

With Australian desert lime, wattle seed and desert peach to nourish hair, Miracle Hair Treatment is a must-have for all hair types.

Nioxin intensive masque:

Deep Protect Density Mask leaves hair conditioned, manageable and smooth.

Deep Protect Density Mask deeply conditions dry or colored hair. It provides maximum protection and strengthens the hair shaft against damage, reducing breakage.

Features & Benefits

    • Hair mask for damaged or colored, thinning hair

    • Helps to protect and strengthen the hair

    • Leaves hair conditioned, manageable and smooth


• For long-lasting, silky-straight hair
• Heat protection for up to 200°C 
• Humidity protection for up to 24 hours

This product is so light weight does not leave your hair feeling wet or heavy. perfect for creating shine and smoothing frizz. Suitable for all hair types.  Spray in wet and dry!

deep clean shampoo:

A cleansing shampoo that removes excess oil from the hair and scalp. Packed with Orange Oil, this shampoo provides a rich clean while still leaving the hair feeling fresh, hydrated and healthy.

Hair type: For all hair types.

This product also removes chlorine and excess product build up. this product is fantastic to use for all blonde lovers who may over use purple shampoo which can leave the hair feeling dull after a while, if this is the case using this fortnightly will keep your hair super bright and blonde!

most deep cleansing shampoo leave the hair feeling dry and  feeling like straw, not this one! 

blondpro 'c':


After your service it is important that you maintain your hair’s integrity by using BLONDPRO ‘C’ CARE to keep your hair healthy and managable.

  • Shampoo and apply ‘C’ from roots to ends

  • Leave for at least 5 minutes

  • Rinse and condition as normal

  • Use at least once a week

*this bottle should only last 6 weeks. 


Our clientele at capelli e bellezza absolutely love the range eleven australia as they have simple names for individual client needs, they smell amazing and change the way your hair feels.


Hydrate my hair is for all hair types who are lacking moisture.

A nourishing shampoo that replenishes moisture. Containing hydrolysed wheat protein to hydrate and strengthen hair.

Hair Type: Normal to dry 


A smoothing shampoo to control thick and coarse hair. Containing hydrolysed soy protein to strengthen fragile, frizzy hair, Smooth Me Now Anti-Frizz Shampoo is the ultimate frizz fighter.

Hair type: Thick hair.



A lightweight shampoo that creates body, volume and shine. With hydrolysed wheat and soy protein to provide thicker, fuller hair, I Want Body Volume Shampoo is perfect for fine hair or anyone wanting a volume boost.

Hair Type: Fine hair.



A toning shampoo for coloured and natural blondes. Packed with hydrolysed soy and wheat protein to keep blonde hair healthy, Keep My Colour Blonde Shampoo is essential for any blonde.

Hair type: Blonde

keep my colour


For all blonde babes who hate yellowing this product is a must have but do not use this every wash as it will not cleanse your hair & will start to dry it out.

please use this once a fortnight only,

 otherwise you will start to overtone which will make a dull blonde.

please do 2 normal shampoos first (hydrate etc)

then use ice cream can be left in for 5 minutes for a more ashy look!! 

follow with blondpro treatment then condition to make sure you are not drying your hair out at all.

Following these steps are very important because removing yellow is important but so is having healthy hair.

all of these products can be found at capelli e bellezza

and are so important to use to keep your hair healthy.

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