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Exclusive to iso 2.0

We bring you our Nioxin dermabrasion.

Yes, this is usually a salon exclusive service, but our scalps need a bit more TLC at the moment due to being inside in the artificial heating causing dryness & irritation.

What is a dermabrasion? In short terms.. a facial for the scalp 😱

The Treatment is an anti-aging scalp dermabrasion treatment to help regenerate and revitalize scalp skin through exfoliation. Experience scalp exfoliation that removes build-up on the scalp to restore it to a good condition. This scalp dermabrasion also helps accelerate skin surface regeneration.

Why do I need one? If you want to take your Haircare to the next level, the dermabrasion will clear the scalp of any blockages that may be cause hair not to grow. This can include dry or irritated scalp, oil build up and so much more! A dermabrasion can be done every 30-45 days to ensure our scalp is a healthy environment for hair to grow through.

Do I have to be on nioxin to purchase this?

Absolutely not! A dermabrasion will benefits everyone and anyone.

After effects: May cause redness. scalp can feel warm or cold.

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