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How to maintain your new hair?


If you’ve chosen to become a blonde babe, you need to know this colour is..

h i g h  maintenance.


You will need to use a purple shampoo fortnightly/weekly to maintain your ends this will prevent yellowing between salon visits.


If your a root stretch or shadow lover you will need to come back 6 weekly religiously to maintain a perfect B L É N D

This is done by Demi permanent (which avoids adding brass to your hair) like anything these fade between 4-6 weeks depending on how your hair condition is!










Blonde is high maintenance but if looked after is super easy!


In between visits I recommend using @elevenaustralia or @goldwellaus products only, this way I can safe guard your hair and get the most out of your hair service!

'Eleven Australia keep my colour blonde shampoo & treatment rrp $25.95

If you’re a  ‘foils right to the root’ type gal  I recommend coming every 6-8 weeks and alternating between full heads and half heads each session!

If your hair has been part of a ‘colour correction’ you must know that it will not take one session to perfect your hair, and will need to come back 6 weekly until it is absolutely perfect 🌟 usually in colour corrections toners are a very important part in your hair service these act like a

'band aid' to mask the colour underneath which is usually super warm.

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