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January Photoshoot

This photo shoot was themed around our more popular tone

"ice queen". We decided to show case this look in 3 different ways.

B O H E M I A N  B A B E

First is our bohemian  styled, low maintenance ice queen blonde on our amazing model Bridgett. This colour is created by using baby lights to lighten her roots and shadow them for an easy grow out. Our Styling for this model was to create an easy, 'lived in' waves with boho styled braids throughout the back.

makeup : Jemima kept this make up look quite simple to go with the low maintance blonde. The base consisted of medium coverage foundation with soft golds on the eyes and face gems to finish off the look.

Tools/products used:  Eleven Australia Straightening Iron.

We Prepped Bridgetts hair with Miracle hair treatment and I want Body spray We Finished with Give Me hold flexible hair spray.

 As a team, we decided to show case our love for long blonde hair in a totally different way. It was an amazing experience being able to collaborate with others who are just as creative and passionate as we are.

Photography by: Sammy Dunn 

Makeup by:  Britney Lavia and  Jemima Breden

Flower Crown and Bouquet by:

Ocean Flowers Bayside 

Styling by : Mystic The Label


Our babe Jen has the most high maintenance blonde possible. this look is created by doing full head of high lights and baby lights to create a blonde as bright as possible, with of course the help of blondpro. The styling for this babe was simple, yet beautiful. Nothing says queen like waves and a side braid.

makeup:The Ice queen make up was a very high maintenance look, with a full coverage base created by using Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation & Mac Fix Plus on a damp beauty blender to create a flawless finish. The eyes consisted of a mixture of Inglot eye shadows to create depth. Ingot pigments where then used to create an intense colour that would photograph well from a distance and up close. The look was finished off with gem stones on the forehead and a bold set of lashes to really emphasize on the "ice queen" look. @britneylaviamakeupartist

Tools/products used : Eleven Australia straightening . We blow waved i want volume foam & miracle hair treatment prior to the photo shoot. To make sure the curls do not drop we pin curled every section till cooled and sprayed with Give Me Hold Flexable hairspray. 

G R U N G E Y 

Tayla is the definition of grungey.

This look is perfect for those babes that have dark roots naturally, but want to be ice queen on the ends. This colour fades from darker to lighter using the root stretch technique. Prior to the shoot all was needed was a toner to re-fresh the icy colour, making it the most low maintenance blonde.

Prior to shooting we Curled ,Crimped and Plaited Tayla's hair, to achieve a more grungy textured look. We finished this look with some tight french braids with braid rings for some extra edge.

Makeup: Tayla's grungy make up was a very bold look with a full coverage dewy base using the Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation to create a flawless finish with creme contouring and highlighting. The depth was created on the eyes using variety of colours from the Inglot freedom palette range. Gold pigment was then pressed into the centre of the mobile lid to really make a statement! The look was then finished off with a bold set of lashes. @britneylaviamakeupartist

Tools/products used : Eleven Australia straightening . We blow waved i want volume foam & miracle hair treatment prior to the photoshoot. At random we added plated and crimped the hair to create that messy grunge feeling.  styling products used: Slick Hold Pomade to keep those braids tight and neat, I Want Body Powder on the ends for extra grunge.

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