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How to look after your new blonde hair

I don't blame you if your unsure how to look after your blonde hair, as there is so much different advice out there however,

 if your not going to go all the way with your home care routine then you may as well not spend the money to be a blonde.


First step -  Don't wash your hair for at least 48 hrs after colouring your hair as it'll help keep your tone in and prevent unnecessary dryness.


Purple shampoo - Once a week only to avoid yellowness 'Eleven Keep My Colour Blonde Shampoo' 


Clarifying shampoo - We don't recommend going overboard with this product but this is amazing to use once a month/ fortnightly to remove any excess residue on your hair that can create a film on your hair and make it appear darker!  (Goldwell Duel Senses Clarifying Shampoo) or ( deep clean shampoo eleven aus)


Leave in treatments - Putting a treatment in your hair to dry in is just as important as your shampoo and conditioner that you put in, using a leave in treatment that prevents split ends, heat protectant and  adds shine (Eleven Miracle Hair Treatment)


Trim the ends - When lightening or toning to avoid split ends and thin brittle hair regular trims are a must , this stops the hairs split ends from travelling further up the hair shaft and making it shorter.


Avoid using heat every day! - 9 out of 10 times your going to experience breakage if you use the heat every single day (heat styling breaks down the protein in your hair which holds your hair together!) however Eleven Australia has an amazing iron you can turn down to lower than 160 degrees!! make sure you are using a heat protectant every time your use a Straightener or Hairdryer  'Just Smooth Thermal Spray Serum' Goldwell is our favorite recommendation for this job! 

For anymore information on how to keep your hair amazing and purchase these recommended products head into Capelli é Bellezza for your free Product Consultation.

Proud stockist of Goldwell & Eleven Australia  

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