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What is the difference between half head of foils and full head of foils

There are many terms used in hair dressing one of which seems to confuse a lot of our clients,


What is the difference between full head of foils and half head of foils!


Pretty much the term ‘half head’ is literally that, it’s half of your head coloured!  

This means if you were to style your hair ‘half up half down’ you will have regrowth and will look different to  how the top looks! 

In our half head of foil application we tend to do hair painting in between our foils to achieve the lightest possible result and to give our clients a little extra in our services that we provide!


*However this is not possible for everyone as everyone’s hair is a different canvas! 

To find out more please call Michelle on 97814448

Full head of foils means your entire head will be foiled which means whenever your hair is parted or styled you will not have regrowth (until it grows)  

full head of foils is most common for colour corrections , root stretch/shadows and full blonde!

 Full head of foils will let you achieve the lightest possible result!  

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