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How often should you get a hair cut?

Now before I was a hair dresser this use to confuse me so much as people would say ‘If you get regular trims your hair grows’

but how????

It grows from the roots not the ends and the ends is what is being cut off? It all just sounded so silly to me...

However I became a hairdresser and started to understand what this meant let me explain it like this—

When you wear tights and you have a hem loose.. when you pull it , it becomes worse and a lot of a bigger hole correct?

Now hair is the exact same the more split ends you have it will get wore and your hair will start to break up meaning it’ll get shorter!

It is so important for all my clients to get regular trims 6-8 weekly. Every single colour client must get a trim at the end of their session in order for us to say yes to colouring trust me you’ll thank me for it plus we actually give trims for free with any colour service.

I am absolute living proof that cutting your hair more will result in long healthy hair.


However I know a lot of you actually are scared of the hair dressers scissors because most likely you’ve said an inch and well they’ve given you a bob

(this happened to me when I was in grade 5 and I’ve never forgot about it either)

And we get that at Capelli é bellezza we absolutely pride ourselves on listening to YOU the guest in our chair!

Don't beleive me? book an appointment for youself 


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