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       Do I need a  D E T O X ?

If you've been using lower quality products or packet dyed it is time you come and see us for a detox cleanse before you think about colouring your hair!!

We will not do any lightening of the hair without a proper cleanse being done if you've used ANY harmful products this ensures the best results in our salon!

Detox with colour service $50

Detox only  $80

Screen Shot 2019-09-21 at 9.27.30 pm.png

Why signature cleanse?
Silicone and mineral deposits in the hair are caused by the daily use of commercial shampoos and too hard water in the shower and prevent the optimal effect of treatments and care products as well as the uniform colouring of the hair. Metal deposits such as copper, iron, lime, calcium and magnesium, which are caused by old water pipes and chlorine residue and dry out the hair, complain, appear dull or change colour, are effectively eliminated with the OPUS MAGNUM signature cleanse. Green tones caused by chlorine water make it disappear. And that's not all: thanks to its high vitamin C content, OPUS MAGNUM signature cleanse promotes hair growth and at the same time strengthens the hair structure.

This gives the customer a naturally pure hair feeling and the colourist the confidence to colour without the risks of a chemical reaction taking place and causing risk to your hair and colour!

Can I have one ?

But guess what its not just needed if you are wanting to colour your hair its also great for Children or adults who swim a lot 

Have been on a recent holiday (swimming ,sun etc)

book now!

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