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Q & A

Common questions we get asked in the salon!

What is a toner? 

A toner is a semi permanent colour designed to remove warmth or add warmth which means we can  change the tone for your desired colour! 

How long do toners last? 

As it’s a semi permanent colour we generally say they last 4-6 weeks depending on the porosity of your hair. Toners are usually on the hair for 5-10 minutes depending on the tone! 

Are toners Damaging??

The Goldwell range "Colorance” is the first semi/demi-permanent color with IntraLipid Technology that repairs the hair. However some brands can be damaging yes, however ours is not!


Is going from Blonde to Brown a toner?


No unfortunately you’ll need a little more than just a toner appointment,

When you go from blonde your hair struggles to keep the pigment in because it is more processed. Usually we will need to do 2 colours after one another for it to not look transparent and patchy.

However we still love using Goldwell Colorance ( semi permanent) colours because it is absolutely amazing for your hair , giving it extra shine and makes the hair look and feel amazing!  


Colorance all over colours  must sit on the hair for 30-40minutes compared to a 10 minute toner appointment

Why do we choose to use semi permanent colours over permanent?


There are a few reasons we choose this option

1. It makes the hair look so much healthier, vibrant and is as good for your hair as a treatment.

2. They slowly fade, so if you change your mind (which is common for blonde lovers) it will not be as hard to get out. 

3. They fade out a lot less warm! (which majority of you hate!!)


Will I need to do two applications every time I come to the salon to get brown?

No however until your hair “sticks” to the colour you may need to do two coats because it can still appear transparent.


Does going brown make your hair healthy ?

This is one of the biggest hairdressing myths, even though you are covering the blonde it is still underneath there & will always be on your hair until it grows out. Going brown ‘disguises’ the hair however will not make it any more healthier.

If your going down the brunette path to ‘get your hair healthier’ I would suggest other options because if & when you decide to go back you will damage your hair more than ever especially if the hair dresser doing it doesn’t know you were once blonde because they cannot see it!!

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