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Here’s a few little tips if you are thinking about starting the process of going back to brunette! 

Figure out why you are wanting to change your hair colour

You’ve just spent “x” amount of money on getting your hair to your goal colour and then it hits miss your brown hair, but as soon as you make yourself brunette you’ll instantly remember how much you miss your blonde and won’t ever be able to get it back without killing it and needing a wig!

OR you feel like it’s dry and dead and the only way to fix it is change to brunette. WRONG. 

If the only reason your doing it is to get it back to how it felt long before you went blonde that is not the way to think. Going brunette only hides the blonde, the blonde will still be under the brunette and the only way to get back your old glossy beautiful brown is by growing it out and getting regular hair cuts! If you’re bored, change up your tone or add some Dimension as an alternative. Being blonde can be healthy, you just need to be doing all the right things and treating it with the love and devotion it deserves! 

For best results, transition slowly

While you might think that you’re ready to make such a bold transition, you might find that you prefer somewhere in between blonde and brown. In fact, We see a lot of clients who don’t like being brunette after they’ve been blonde for so long. For this reason, we suggest going darker slowly to avoid making the mistake of going too dark. I usually will highlight a little and do a lot of lowlights to add some depth and darkness into the hair—that’s usually good enough because 90 percent of the time client wants to go back to being more blonde the next time I see them.

See examples of a more dimensional blonde below:


If you do want to go all in, it’ll take some time

How much time you’ll spend in the salon will depend on how porous your hair is.

Blonde hair will usually need to be ‘filled’ with a warm color so that your hair doesn’t look muddy, gray or greenish, so this is something you’ll need to find a professional in! 😅

This process of a filler is usually done with glosses/toners/semi-permanent. The initial color might not be as brunette as you’d like or might get a bit brassy in the beginning, so you might have to come back to the salon in a few weeks time for another sitting. Once you’ve gone blonde it’s hard to get rid of it and will always shine back through until you have a few coats which means it will fade lighter!

Bring pictures so your colourist knows what you want

As they say, pictures are worth a thousand words, so don’t hesitate to bring photos or save images on your phone of the exact shade of brown you’re hoping to rock, keeping in mind that there is a lot of edited photos out there.

It’s hard to go in with an idea of what you want to look like and expect your colorist to have that same picture in her head. Most of us see colour completely different to each other, your chocolate brown may be my dark blonde! 


Try to stay out of the sun

The sun is no friend to your hair. Sunlight oxidizes color, making it lighter, brassy or both. While you can’t get away with avoiding sun exposure to your hair unless you wear a hat 24/7, we recommend eleven Australia miracle hair treatment which contains uv protection.

Use the right shampoos and conditioners

Yep you guessed it, even when your a brunette you should be using good quality hair products! 

Because your no longer blonde we recommend using a deep clean shampoo fortnightly which helps remove excess oils because your hairs oils aren’t going to be absorbed by your lightened hair. This will give you a couple extra days between washes!

*deep clean product should only be used once a week if you wash it more than once or fortnightly, however if you wash only once a week, our recommendation is eleven Australia give me clean hair or goldwell scalp specialist deep cleansing*


Cara Delevingne debuted an ashy brunette (part of the cool brunette family)


Nicole Richie has experimented with just about every shade, but always comes back to her honeyed-blonde waves

Here’s some blonde to brown in salon transformations


I hope this has helped with your decision ❤️

And remember if you choose to go back brunette the process for going back blonde will be longer than ever before🔥

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