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How to protect your hair against

Sun & Chlorine

When it comes to Summer, We know you have heaps of questions on how to save your hair in the warmer weather!!

Did you know salt water and chlorine can really affect your freshly coloured hair. Sad, we know! Here's our little tips and trick to help save your blonde hair!

First up we have chlorine.

Chlorine is one of the worst offenders when it comes to ruining our salon fresh blonde hair. It can dehydrate your hair and leaving it dry and brittle. So how do we protect our hair from chlorine this summer?

The key is Miracle Hair Treatment by Eleven Australia,  Try coating your hair with this product before heading into the pool as it helps to create a slight barrier between your hair and the chlorine.

‘Miracle Hair Treatment’ is weightless and is also incredibly nourishing as it is full of nutrients for your hair and has UV Protection.

Protecting blonde hair from salt water:

Salt water at the beach can damage your hair more than you think. Whilst we love that beach hair look, salt water can actually dehydrate your hair causing breakage. Similar to chlorine!

A simple trick to help keep your blonde hair beautiful is to rinse your hair with cold water before and after swimming at the beach. Rinsing your hair with cold water can help as your hair as it will start absorbing the fresh clean water and less salt water. You can also try this before swimming in the pool too.

Protecting blonde hair from the sun:

Did you know that the summer sun can dull and turn your hair yellow?  Whenever possible try to use hair care products with UV protection or wear a hat to shield your hair. I always recommend wearing a hat while you're out baking your skin ;)

We highly recommend washing your hair as soon as you’ve finished swimming or being in the sun, make sure you using a toning shampoo to remove the brassy tones that would be coming through due to swimming. We highly recommend using hydrating shampoo and treatment such as ‘Hydrate My Hair’ shampoo and treatment

from Eleven Australia. 

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